I just started couple weeks ago to design Pathfinder -campaign, in my own world. It is mercenary campaign, Lawful-good, Neutral-good and Chaotic evil, are banned at start, but some character may became CE in some part of campaign... If some one became LG or NG, I and other players have done something wrong... :( I will be posting more stuff later and I'm also making wiki for this campaign...
I just have to add this link to this blog.

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I and all of the mankind thanks you...


Starting to build the armoured company

So, today I'm starting to build my tank army, using list from Imperial Armour 1 2nd ed book from Forge World. I'm planning to build 2-4 Ragnaroks, using template from Paper Craft Square. These will be my commander and comissar tanks with Vanquisher cannons or Exterminators/Annihilators. To other tanks I'm going to use Blood Pact Heavy Battletank template so there will not be any "normal" Leman Russes in my force. I will propably modify Ragnarok template by using side sponsons Blood Pact -template. I will try to posts some work-in-progress pictures later this week


Papercrafts Aka How to get army cheaper in 40k

Just found good link to lots of good 40k papercrafts. I was lookin for templates of Ragnarok tank. I'm planning to make armoured company using Ragnaroks instead Leman Russes allied with Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade. At least until I got enough DKoK models to play. Just saving money to order DKoK gorgon troops. Also I did find other good alternive model for Leman Russ, Blood Pact Heavy Tank both an many others (including historial ones) can be found here:
Warhammer 40k free paper models collection

Hello hello!

After long I deside to re-launch my crappy blog (well it didn't have anything in it anyway) and make it about two very important things in me life, Games and Myself (mainly the games) ! I do have other important things in life, but those don't belong this blog, altough I might mention some of them here... We'll see.


Yes, games. All kind of games. I love games. I love to play them. I love to design them. And I'm not saying this to get in bed with them...

Mostly I will post here miniature-, board- and roleplaying gamestuff here. Also I'm going to post some tidbits about games I'm designing. At tht moment I got 1-2 boardgames, space conguest and medieval trading, under working and trilogy of post-apocalyptic games: Warriors of the Wasteland, Warbands of the Wasteland and Wanderers of the Wasteland aka WotW trilogy. First 2 are miniaturegames and third one is rpg. Common to them all is that are generic systems, meaning that they don't have any fixed background story etc.